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Meniere's Disease

Posted May 25 2010 10:39pm
I am Back! I tend to come and then dissapear for awhile. I am sorry about that. Many of you have been wondering where I have been. Thanks for the thoughts and emails. I have been very dizzy and the tinnitus in my Right ear is really bad so bad that I cant sleep at times. Im up all hours. I barely get sleep. Well I got 2nd opinion from my audiologist. I HAVE MENIERE'S DISEASE. I think I had it for quite sometime even though I just got diagnoised with it. I have all of my VNG reports. Sigh. More to deal with. Been wondering why I cannot bend down to play with my niece or bend down to tie my own shoes. Its frustrating. Alot has been going on. I havent been able to use my R hearing aid for about almost 2 months now. Im frustrated because its the top of the line AID and I CANNOT HEAR OUT OF IT ANYMORE. My audiologist said it could be the Meniere's Well go figure. Who would of thought after my grandparents spending all this money on aids that this would happen. Of course it did. Well.. I been thinking long and hard how amazing CI'S ( Cochlear Implants) are and how it helps thousands of people. The best thing is I went onto Cochlear America website and it said for people with my type of hearing loss. Technically I could of gotten these CI'S a looong time ago. I am hoping and praying im a candidate because I cannot stand SILENCE any longer. Its been very frustrating for me. I missing out on alot. Hearing with one ear is enough for me. I know its insane that im thinking about this but I think I will be successful and happy about this. So I am going for a CI Evaluation soon. My little baby sister is getting married in 11 days. We went to the hamptons this past weekend for her bacherlette party. Good Times! Many times I really could get in on a conversation ( THEY HAD NO IDEA) because I was having alot of difficulty hearing. So I was quiet most of the time. But boy the house we stayed in ( Rented) for the 2 days was the greatest VACATION ever. Now I havent been out in along time and being ill for the past 3 years made it worst. ALL AND ALL it was AMAZING TO BE AWAY FOR 2 DAYS... I wish it was longer. I cannot wait to go back.

My niece is getting bigger by the minute she just giggles and smiles at me. I am still teaching her everyday to sign MOMMY AND DADDY. She giggles and stares at me while I teach her. She babbles and she can hear perfect. The other day I realized how well she hears. Its amazing. She hears EVERYTHING. She moves to everything. She is adorable so precious I couldnt stand being away from her for 2 days! She is 7 months old. Boy time flies. I dont know how its going to be when she grows up and I have to explain to her that I am deaf. I have no clue how to say that to a child. Thats going to be hard for me.

Here is a link about Meniere's Disease . Truthfully, I still dont understand how this happened how I got it nor what it really is. All I know is I have it and I cant stand being Dizzy and the tinnitus isnt fun at all. The medication I can try doesnt link well with the health issues I have so that out of the question. So now I have to learn to adjust with this condition somehow.

The CI evaluation test is going to be after my sisters wedding.

Have a good night!!

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