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March for Equality-Signs of Change

Posted Dec 03 2008 12:15am

This is not my typical posting regarding Amanda and her cochlear implant journey, but it is something that does affect her and the rest of our family.  Amanda has two stepbrothers: my sons.  One of them is straight.  The other one is gay.  We love them both and believe they deserve equal rights in all areas, including the right to marry whomever they fall in love with.  

We participated in the nationwide protest November 15th against the passage of Proposition 8 here in California November 4th.  Above are some photos of us at the Redlands City Hall.  

It was a heartwarming day and we met many diverse people from all walks of life, gay and straight, who were standing on the corner for one sole purpose; to support equal rights for all and to repeal Prop 8.  

I found this video on and decided to post it here because I think it really speaks to love and acceptance of all families and justice for all, not just for some.  

On a connecting note to the theme of this blog.....Amanda did hear the supportive honks of cars that passed by!

Signs of Change from Woven Essence on Vimeo .

It is not captioned, which, if you've been following my blog, you know that I caption all of my video clips.  

However, I listened to it several times and can tell you that at the beginning and at the end, the marchers are chanting, "What do we want?!"  "Equal rights!"  "When do we want it?"  "Now!"

In another part of the video the marchers are chanting, "Gay, Straight, Black, White!  Marriage is a Civil Right!" 

The music playing throughout the video is called, "Nothing In Between" by Stuart Davis.   The lyrics and his website are printed below.

Nothing In Between

from the album Something Simple

Stuart Davis 2008    

There is nothing in between us when we sleep

Every night the bliss begins to leak

Nothing in between us when we laugh

it’s something that our head will never grasp

It’s seen in between

There’s nothing in between your joy and mine

It’s all a lot of nectar on the vine

Joy is how my parents were entwined

and there’s nothing in between their lives and mine

We’ve seen

There’s nowhere to hide in the open Reality

Love is so wide, there isn’t a boundary

There is only one eye without any enemy

when you’ve seen in between

There’s nothing in between our skin and light

Nothing in between the wind and kite

Nothing in between our lips and grace

Nothing in between the tongue and taste

It’s seen


There is nothing in between you and I

Nothing in between blue and sky

Nothing in between us and love

Nothing in between wings and doves


There is nothing

in between

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