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Mapping Thresholds

Posted Sep 01 2010 12:00am

We've had a debate with our Audiologist since the beginning of Lily's mappings about what "thresholds" are ideal. Thresholds are the lowest level where sound is detected and where ever the map/software is set, the sound will be boosted so the person can hear it more easily. (probably didn't get this explanation quite right)

So when we read about our friend Briggs and how he is hearing at 15dbs across all decibels, we asked more questions.

Our Audiologist has always said between 20-30dBs is ideal and that too much below that level, the "useless" sounds may get in the way of speech.

However, at our last visit, our Audiologists tried a different strategy to set thresholds on Lily's maps and it improved the levels at 250Hz, 500Hz and 1000Hz from 30dB, 25dB and 15dB, to 15dB, 15dB and 10dB respectively.   The levels at 2000Hz, 4000Hz and 6000Hz remained at 25dB, 20dB and 25db.

Our Audiologst said he was very happy with the results and Lily's hearing has seemed to improve slightly.  She was listening to a vey quiet song and asked why they were singing about Souls and not Soul Sisters.


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