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Ma Ma! Shoes!

Posted Oct 17 2008 9:00pm

I have a name! I am so excited to finally have a name. Ma Ma! Sure, Drew has been able to say Ma Ma since November, but has he said it meaning me? No! Sure, he can say, with meaning, Da Da, Pa Paw, Aunt An-ie, Eddie (the dog), his sister, etc., but Ma Ma? It was music to my ears to hear him say, "Ma Ma," while walking into the grocery store on Friday night. Drew's Dad was holding him at the time, when Drew said, "Ma Ma" and held his arms out for me. (I have to add, Drew has said "Ma Ma" about one billion times now. I keep telling myself that it is beautiful.)

In other news, Drew has become obsessed with shoes. Seriously. He starts saying "shoe" from the second I walk into his room in the morning and doesn't stop until I have placed the second shoe on his foot. He will even put TWO. WORDS. TOGETHER. "Shoe," he says, holding it in the air, "on," moving it toward his foot. It has gotten to the point that I have to hide his shoes while I change his diaper and get him dressed, otherwise he has, what I like to affectionately call, a meltdown.

Drew also likes to make sure that everyone around him is wearing their shoes as well. If I take my shoes off, he picks them up, walks over to me and says, "shoe...on." He won't stop until I put my shoes on. Really, it is quite cute, but after a long day of work...

I would like to mention how well Drew is saying his words. He is actually saying the word "shoe." I remember when my daughter first said the word shoe. It sounded like "foo." She said it that way for months. Drew said "shoe," with the /sh/ sound right from the beginning. For some reason, Drew's Dad and I found that rather amazing.

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