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Love my new MAP.

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
Yesterday, I went for my new map. I needed to focus more on the left. The right was pretty good, but I find it too dominant. Sometimes I just feel like, what's the point of wearing my left if I am not hearing much of anything anyway.

I went in the booth for beep test and HINT scores. I found I dropped a lot of "hearing" since the last time. Which means that I was hearing stuff from 25 db in the lows then 40db in the highs. I know I'm missing a lot especially from my first time in the booth. Pam said she will adjust it accordingly. HINT scores weren't as high as I wanted, but it's better! 56% in my right (it was 22% to start with), which was the first HINT test for my right. 40% in my left (6% to start with). I think with my new MAP it will get much better.

Pam spent 2 1/2 hours with me. I had the NRT done on my left. Took about 15 minutes. She discovered that electrode 12 is out of compliance. Basically it means that my nerve cells in that area is hypersensitive. It is possible why many of the "shhh" type of background noise bugs the crap out of me. She turned off that damn thing. :-) She has said that many adults have that issue where she would turn off electrode 12 or 13 or 14. When the NRT was on the 12th electrode, it was literally UNBEARABLE! I has to squeeze my eyes and just suck it up. The other electrodes weren't that bad. So I knew something was up with Mr. Twelve.

For the mapping, She has tried ADRO, and I still hate it, it sounded a little too crisp. She've tried adding ADRO to other strategies, nope, still hate it. Auto sensitivity all the way. After adjusting here and there, and mapping it out accordingly to the results of the NRT. I noticed the difference right away. Next, she worked on my Focus program, which I was having issues the other day when I saw Donna Salvo (former teacher). It just "didn't work". So, she adjusted that. She gave me a night program as well as I'm finding myself adjusting the sensitivity all the time at night. She says that I have "Auditory Fatigue", which is common with people with CI. Oooh new word!

Finally, came the big test - Music. I brought in my iPod so I can have her adjust it. After a couple adjustments, I LOVE IT! Oddly - it's Autosensitvity & ADRO & Whisper. :-) I found it wonderful because it brought up the vocals more louder, and the background noise outside from the music is very quiet.
A note: it sucks having your CI plugged in the computer, adjust the program, then take it out then plug in the iPod. If you don't like it, then you have to plug the CI back in the computer, etc. What a PIA. It would be just much easier if the boot to the computer had a EA attachment to it, especially for people who use their PAC often. I don't know if AB has that, but I told her to complain to Cochlear! Can you imagine if I had her to adjust it 3 or 4 times? Luckily, she hit it on 2nd try.

Today, I cleaned my house to prepare for our flow of visitors this week! Roni (best friend), Mom and Terry (stepdad) is coming. I put on my music, and it couldn't sound any better. The strings instruments sounds much better instead of the pppptttth noise. The true test was when I was vacuuming. The vacuum sounded very soft. So I was very excited. I literally talked too loud when Roy asked me a question while I was listening to music. I couldn't hear him too well...had to pause the iPod first. So, I know it worked wonderfully!

The only hitch I need is to try to find the Y-Wire. I was told that there's a manufacture that makes these type of PAC for bi-lateral cochlear implantees. I'm dying to listen with both ears. If it's too expensive, I can get a jack that does two stereo into a mono. If you're interested, let me know, I'll see what I can do. I'm not 100% sure if he offers for AB, but doesn't hurt to try. I just hate listening to music with just one ear. It just "feels" weird.

I'm working on to see if my insurance will pay for "Sound & Beyond". I need to get back into the training. I liked the AB site where they had Listening helped a lot, but it doesn't go any further than 3rd Level. It's still under construction. That's the type of tests I need. That's what "Sound & Beyond" is. It's expensive! It costs about 10 to 15 cents a CD for the company, yet they charge $270!!!

Other note - Blackjack is still sick. :-( We're cleaning his boogers on an hourly basis. If he doesn't get better by Tuesday, we'll have to take him back for a recheck. Other than that, he's one of the sweetest cats I've had. Not even afraid of the vacuum.

Rant time: Took me 40 times to do one dang mission on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas! After much frustration, I finally did it. Drove me only took me 3 hours to finish what seemingly to be a simple 3 minute mission.

Until next time...
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