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Lots to Love

Posted Aug 02 2008 10:14pm

New Fire Chief Hat! Thanks Aunt Audrey!

Ethan and his mama!

We're all pretty happy around here these days. It just seems like there is absolutely nothing to complain about anymore :-)

Ethan is developing like crazy lately with his new interest in food and all the other groovy stuff he's doing. On Thursday he ate veggies in their pure form for the first time in his life! He had roasted carrots and green beans with olive oil and herbs, as well as grilled chicken! I watched him like a hawk the entire evening, worried that he would be sick or have reflux, but he kept it all down and had a decent night of sleep as well! 

He also said the word "dance" several times this weekend! He loves it when we dance and usually just signs the word, but this time he signed it and said it. I was floored! I still am!

We have all kinds of appointments lined up for August and September, new therapists to meet and relationships to build. I'm excited, but I'm also homesick for Ethan's former OT and PT. His OT (hi Marylee!) would be so jazzed by this new love for food as she made it her mission to make him healthy foods that would appeal to his sensory requirements. I just know she'd be having a field day with this latest development. 

I'm most enthusiastic about the appointment in October with a doctor in a metabolic clinic. Remember thoselabsI was talking about months ago? I stopped short of doing them because I wanted to do them under the direction of a doctor and there were none in Athens that knew what I was talking about. I've found the ideal clinic here that speaks that language and when I talked to the receptionist about Ethan she said "I'm so happy for you, you've found the perfect place for Ethan, we'll get to the bottom of his gut issues, you can count on it". I literally felt tears form in my eyes upon hearing that statement. She then said "I'm a mom, I know how important this is to you and I can assure you that you've found the right place". 

My brain is on overdrive trying to process the school stuff and it seems each day that I flip-flop on where we should send him. I wish I could process it more fully here on the blog, but I have no idea if the school people are reading and though I have nothing to hide, I also know that everyone has their own agenda (myself included) and that this is in large part a game of strategy and semantics. I'm going to think about ways to talk about some of it here though since I have readers who I think could weigh in and offer a unique perspective. 

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