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Loopy Ears

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:36pm

When Ethan lost his second ear mold I realized that I had to come up with something to keep his CI devices on. With special tapes stuck to his head day in and out, and the irritation to his skin I again realized there must be something that can keep these things on. After much thought I came up with the Loopy Ear Attachment. No more ear molds, no more sticky tapes. These small elastic bands will attach to your child allowing them to move, tumble, and wrestle and still keep their CI devices in place. The benefit of having a soft fabric around your child's ear will be much more comfortable for them. So many have issues with fungus in the ears, and this too will no longer be a problem to worry about. The Loopy Ear Attachment stays on, even when changing out a battery. It never has to come off, unless you want to wash it, which you can do too. I am currently working on color treatments to offer some fun colors to mix and match with. Stay posted.
If you would like to special order Loopy Ear Attachments simple do the following:
Measure with a string around your child's ear and then measure up against a ruler. Then measure the space around the CI device with a string and then measure that against a ruler. This gives the most accurate measurement. I am charging $12.00 per set. This price will include having the Loopy Ear Attachments mailed directly to you.
Here is my email address to send me your information.
Once I have your information, I will email my address in which you may mail a check too.
Please allow about 4-12 days for delivery. If you have any questions you may also email me.
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