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Long time no see eh?

Posted Jan 07 2009 5:12pm
So, I've been neglecting my blog. It was inevitable that it was going to happen. :-)

What have I been up to lately? Well, I finished my semester with a bang. I have enjoyed all my classes. One of my classes I basically argued with a fellow group mate about how the project is supposed to happen. I did okay with understanding her, but I needed a new map. Thanks to Jennifer's recent exciting mapping session, I decided that it's time for me to get my butt up and moving for a new map. It's not terrible, but I'm just missing a little bit of the lows, and the clarity in my left.

It DID snow in Las Vegas a month ago. A record since 30 years ago. We had measly 3 inches. It was funny to see people freaking out, airport closing, school closing, and Las Vegas was on a lockdown. No one could get in or out of Vegas. A California friend of mine stayed overnight at my house because he didn't know how to drive in the snow. The same night, my house lost power for 3 hours. Ahh...this is when the fireplace saved us! :-)

I spent 10 days during Christmas in New Jersey. Kinda weird going from a warm place to a VERY cold place. I spent NYE's at Joy's and Andrea's new apartment. It was AWESOME! Of course, I was up for more than 24 hours. I got back to my parents' at 4am and had to leave at 5am for my flight back to Vegas. Made it as one of the last people to board the plane. Never again. Roy did some little repairs and fixing up while I was gone.

I'm enjoying my mini break before starting school on January 12th. I've been throwing out a bunch of crap laying around the house and getting rid of the security crap that's on the windows. It seem to be a very old version of security. It's like a strip of silver "stuff" sticking on all the windows and wired to a box. If the window breaks for whatever reason, the security is tripped. The security box is gone, so it doesn't work. We may eventually get a wireless system like my mom's house.

I got Left 4 Dead Xbox 360 game. I usually listen through my PACs. When I heal my character, I hear bone creaking. I think that's a little creepy to be able to hear that so clearly. Killing hoards of Zombies is awesome. :-D

It's almost one year anniversery with my left surgery and activation day...will talk more about it later.

Hope everyone's holidays went well.
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