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Logan's new "Bat-Man" ear is up and running!

Posted Jan 07 2009 3:03pm
Today was Logan's activation day for his second implant. It, of course, wasn't as dramatic as turning on the first one, but it was still a big day for us. Everything looks great and the surgery was a success, but Logan isn't too keen on this new ear. He will wear just the new ear for about two weeks to get his brain to start relying on that side as well as the right. The problem we run into is that with only his new implant on, it's like starting over from the beginning--meaning he can't process sounds or language quite yet--which is very frustrating for him. He has adapted very well to hearing the sounds and voices around him, so when he was not able to quite understand the sounds that were going in, he became upset. He told us that he didn't want to wear the new ear because it was "too loud". The audiologist told us that the volume was at a comfort level, but that was just Logan's way of trying to express that he couldn't make out what he was, or wasn't, hearing. We were talking to him, asking him questions and he had a sad, confused look on his face as if he were slightly scared and nervous that he had lost the understanding he once had. Without an implant on, he knows that he doesn't get any sound, so I think it confused him that even with an implant on, he wasn't registering the sounds.
We brought the pack of Bat-Man stickers with us to the appointment and put the stickers on right away. He now has a "Spider-Man ear" and his new, "Bat-Man ear", he now has double the super hero power!
We had to coax him a little to keep it on the rest of the night, but we know things will get better. We are eager to see what this next year has in store for Logan!

It was a little surreal for me to see him with both implants on...

mapping (programming) the new implant...
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