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List of sounds

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
Okay, I decided to write up a list of sounds that I heard through my CI throughout my process. They will be sounds that either I never heard of, or heard it, but very quiet through my HAs. It will be updated from time to time. I'll put up a link on the right side, so if it's updated, I'll let you know. :-)

blinker from my car - used to be able to hear that when I was young
litter box being cleaned - sounds like two sandpaper rubbing against each other
thumping of a glass bottle on table - it was loud with the CI
TV sounds slightly clearer
clicky click of my Sidekick - sounds a lot louder
sounds of typing on the keyboard
tearing of a newspaper is very loud
cannot hear the shredder as well - paper shredder is low frequency, so that's why it sounded very quiet
Hobbes purring - I can now hear him breath in - that's the shh sound. Purring sounds louder, but it's so comfortable and relaxing. The louder, the better!

microwave beeping 4 times when it's ready - sounded like 1 long beep when I had my HAs on, and sounded very low. CI - sounds pretty clear and loud. I discovered that it's 4 beeps, not one long beep.
saran wrap
Discovered that Spongebob Squarepants is very high pitched
watched two movies, and the sounds are clearer/normal
discovered that I can hear the shh, t sounds, ch, sh
plastic bags - ew
can hear the keys inserting in the door - could not hear that before, only could hear if the door opened

Couldn't hear the car alarm with CI, but was able to hear it with HA's. (due to low frequency of the alarm, it's expected that I wouldn't hear it well with the CI for the moment
Had to take out the CI during Super Bowl because I knew the crowd noise will bother me, and the sounds were getting slightly overwhelming
Hearing my pee hit the water - sounds like a waterfall lol

Judge Marilyn Milian's accent is more clearer
Vacuum is icky - even with HA, I hate the sound of the vacuum. However, with the CI, due to lower volume of the low frequency sounds, it sounds more softer. Regardless I turned it off.

Caught some words that I heard without seeing the captioning, "lawsuit", "lineup", "licence", and few others. Can't pick up full sentences yet, but mostly low frequency sounds.
Heard Mocha drinking water - in the past I couldn't hear it too well
Heard music pretty well on American Idol, not 100%, but occasionally I couldn't tell if the singer was really bad. I could tell if the singer was good.

Sound of hamburger sizzling - Roy was making hamburgers, and I heard this Shhwwhhh sound. To me it sounded like waterfall/running water. Roy was no where near the sink. I asked him, from 15 feet away, "What's that noise you just made?" He looked out from the kitchen and say, "I took the cover off the hamburgers, you're hearing the hamburger sizzling." "NO f**kin' way" I said. I couldn't believe that I could hear it from afar.
Sound of Hobbes scratching the scratching post
Sound of razor cutting a pencil (for drawing class, no pencil sharpeners...razor only!)

Sound of Judge Milian saying, "Okay" frequently. It does not show up on the CC, so I was easily able to pick up on that.
Sounds of students clicky clack on the keyboards in computer lab

Sound of Mocha pooping
Sound of Hobbes eating food from 20 feet away
Sound of Ionic Breeze signaling that it needed to be changed
Sound of floors creaking upstairs

Sound of Hobbes purring from a distance - I was in the bathroom. No other noise, hear him purring very loud from about 5 feet away.
Sounds of people at Barnes and Noble - pages turning, putting books back, chit-chatting quietly. It normally sounds very quiet to me with my HA!

Sound of rain from inside against the window
Sound of Reggae music from someone's iTouch 15 feet away
Sounds of pencils drawing on the paper
Sound of gum chewing/popping (this girl was about 20 feet away)

Roy's laptop fan - I thought it was a loud alarm! My laptop has very very quiet fan.
Stephen Fry's voice is sounding more clearer (from Harry Potter)

(Long overdue...a month worth of sounds that I can remember)
Able to hear Judge Milian's voice, and understand what she's saying without looking at the captioning
Dog Barking somewhere in the apartment building
Sound of my hair rubbing against the microphone
Clock ticking quietly
Can hear music slightly better while driving
Can't quite tell the difference between Roy's Coughing and sneezing
Mocha's mewing has a lot of different pitches (I knew she mews/cries different each time, but couldn't tell HOW much of a difference)
Scratching my skin...sounds like sandpaper
Sound of my computer powering down
Sound of my screwed up DVD/CD drive

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