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Lily's IFSP Goals - 2.1 years old

Posted Jul 29 2009 12:17am

We just finished our IFSP goals for Lily.  She is now 2.1 years old and and has 14.3 months of hearing.  At our next IFSP we will be thinking about preschool and the process of moving to an IEP.  However, this IFSP lays it all out and really provides us with a great guide and benchmarks for the next six months. Thanks to everyone who worked on it. 

  • Lily will identify and discriminate between at least 10 word pairs that differ by voicing and by place of production in both final consonants and initial consonants of words.
  • Lily will identify and discriminate at least 10 phrases with two key words in context/three key words in context, shown by following associated directions correctly.
  • Lily will increase her auditory awareness and discrimination of sounds/words presented at greater distances (6 feet, 9 feet, directions coming from another room) and produced in environments with more background noise.
  • Lily will be able to do the actions and recite or sing some words of 6-10 songs or finger plays.
  • Lily will self-advocate when her C.I. is off or not functioning and will let adults know verbally when she does not hear or does not understand a spoken message.
  • Lily will learn to use a louder and stronger voice when calling to others from distances farther away.
  • Lily will take 2-3 conversational turns in an adult social-communication interaction.
  • Lily will demonstrate an increase in auditory processing and language comprehension skills, shown by: Identifying 10 pictures or objects by function or action and by naming objects or pictures upon request. 
  • Respond appropriately or verbally answering 10 each of simple /who/, /where/, /what doing/, and /yes-no/ questions.
  • Follow 10 two/three step directions 
  • Show understanding of personal pronouns: me, mine, you, he, she 
  • Lily will add to her verbal vocabulary: 10 words from the concepts of Quality (descriptors such as color, size, taste), Position/Space(under, in back of, in front, etc.) 5 words from the concepts of Quantity (some, all, a few, numbers), Time (now, later, tonight, tomorrow) 10-15 present progressive verbs (is+verb+ing), e.g. playing, running, eating, sleeping, At least 5 pronouns: me, my, mine, you, your 
  • Lily will increase her communication skills by using this vocabulary in 3-5 word phrases for various purposes: naming("that big dog"), notice or greeting("Hi Mommy), recurrence ("more yummy cookie, Daddy") non-existence or negation ("no go bye-bye," "water all gone," "Monkey not happy"), action ("Lily go down slide." "Me (or I) running fast."), location ("apple juice in cup"), possession ("my red ball"), questioning to gain information("What's that?" "Where___?" "What, Mommy?" ), and attributes ("big blue ball"). 
  • Lily will use age appropriate speech sounds in all positions of words and will produce speech that is 80% intelligible to familiar listeners.

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