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Life-saving Jumble is Hearing Dog of the Month

Posted Jan 04 2010 2:06pm

A dog who alerted his deaf owner to a potentially devastating fire in her Gourock home has been awarded the title Hearing Dog of the Month.

Jean Macdonald Jumble.jpg

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People gives the monthly title to a hearing dog that has had a significant impact on the life of their deaf owner.

Jean MacDonald, 62, was partnered with Jumble, a daschund cross terrier, in October 2008 after the loss of her beloved hearing dog Sheena just before Christmas in 2007.

Jean says “I got Jumble a year ago after losing my best friend Sheena. She had been with me for 15 years. It broke my heart when she died and I wasn’t sure about whether to get another dog, but I’m so glad I did. I would be lost without Jumble.”

Jean says “A few months ago Jumble saved my life when my grill caught fire and the fire alarm went off. I did not hear it and Jumble touched me with his paw and I knew something was wrong. I got a terrible fright, but he saved my life. The whole place would have burnt down without him, and if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t be here today.”

Jean became deaf when she contracted measles when she was just five years old. She says that Jumble also helps her in other ways. As well as being her eyes and ears when the doorbell sounds or when the telephone rings, he wakes her up in the morning and even helps her balance when she’s outside.

Jean, a grandmother, had to spend time in hospital recently. She says “I am so glad Jumble is back with me. I missed him so much when he was away.”

Jean adds “Jumble is my life. He likes to go out for walks to the park, and he can walk beside me and I feel safe with him there. When I look at his sweet wee face he’s so cuddly. He is so friendly, and I’m happy to have him and hope we can have many sweet times together. Jumble is brilliant and he has helped me a lot. He is a sweet wee boy. He is very loving and I am happy he has won the award.”

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