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Left Hand, Right Hand

Posted May 25 2010 6:33am

It wasn’t until I went putzing around the Internet that I realized most children have (largely) developed a dominant hand by the time they’re 2-3 years old. I figured by the time they were 4, starting into preschool and starting to learn letters, that one would have made itself known, but 2-3 surprised me. Eric still switches.

That being said, I think – I think – he is going to be a lefty. Lately, he seems to start more often with a spoon, a crayon, or whatever in his left hand. He’ll switch it to the right, give it a shot that way, and a lot of the time end up switching back to his left. When we were drawing the other day, he seemed to have more control in his left hand as well, his circles rounder and his lines straighter. (We were drawing stick figures. He had me draw a pirate hat on one of them, it was awesome.)

The more I read, the more I figured that the switching could easily be another sign of left-handedness. I mean, it’s got to be confusing for a kid when he wants to write and draw and eat with his left, but everyone around him is using the right hand instead. I’m right-handed. John too. Heck, even Danny is right-handed! (Of course, that’s due to underlying issues, but the end result looks the same to a 3 year old.)

I’m going to be curious to see if I’m right over the next year or two. If I’m right and he’s a lefty, the trick is going to be how to support that with him; my dad is a lefty, and I know (at least when he was growing up), a lot of the time people would try to “force” lefties into using their right, something I don’t want to happen with Eric.

Of course – I could be totally overthinking this, and I could be completely wrong as well. It’s just one of those little curiosities I wonder about… There are a lot of those.

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