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Language Explosion

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:45pm
Thomas speech therapist had told us to expect a language explosion within a few months of Thomas' 2nd Ci activation. I smiled and waited....and waited...and waited. Our last few appointments she reminded me that it had not been that long since activation and to not feel bad about Thomas' progress. It seemed to both Dad and I that Thomas was doing alot of baby talk. Alot more than he did pre-2nd CI. He would do baby noises and sounds and not speak very clear.
I think today was the 1st day of his explosion. My Mom had mentioned something to me today about how much Thomas was talking. NO baby talk but trying complete sentences. One example:
My brother had his can of pop on the counter. Thomas kept pointing to it and doing the sign for drink. I took his sippy cup and put a little bit in and gave it to him. He took one sip and being surprised at the fizziness, dropped the cup on the ground. When he went to pick it up some of the fizzies started spraying up from the straw. He immediately started laughing and telling us that the pop had went on his nose, his hair and his shirt. I can't describe exactly how he spoke, and I wish I would have had my camera close by, but it was so cute. His little voice was so cute....." ah bub doo hair , tee noo fee nose " of course it wasnt exactly like that but you get the picture. He knew what he wanted to tell us but he didnt know the exact words to use. We would get a word or two that we, hair, nose, dirty....and fill in the rest of his sentence with cute little Thomas words. I LOVED it!!!!
A little while later Thomas and I were sitting in the backyard swinging. You could hear the cars driving down the street, you could hear the squeak of the swing and the rustling of the leaves from the wind. All of a sudden Thomas pointed to his ear and looked at me and said "Oooh, Oooh". I was wondering what he was trying to tell me. I sat back and than I heard it. It must have been some bird (maybe a pigeon) making the "whoo, whoo" sound...just like an owl (I highly doubt it was an owl) but since we already say "chirp, chirp" and "tweet tweet" for birds I didnt want to add "whooo, whooo" for another bird. So I told Thomas that it was an owl. We sat and swang for another few minutes and every time we heard the "owl" we would look at each other, smile, point to our ears and repeat the sound and I would remind Thomas that it was an owl.
When we finally got home Thomas was delighted to see the tree trimmers and their big truck were still on our street. We sat on the steps to watch it drive by. Thomas started pointing to the end of the street and was saying "hat" and pointing to his head. I looked over and saw a worker that was wearing a hard hat waiting for the truck to come back so they could start cleaning up all the tree limbs they had cut. The guy had to be about 10 houses down when he sneezed. I could barely hear him. Right after the sneeze Thomas pointed to his ear and I said "did you hear that? that man sneezed! Bless You, worker man" and Thomas said "bet oo, man"! I loved that he heard something so quiet as a sneeze from that far away. I also love that he repeated the bless you, we have been working on that and occasionally he will say it on his own.
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