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Language Explosion and Imagination

Posted Feb 03 2009 12:59am
We had a great appointment (as usual) with our SLP yesterday. We missed last week's appointment due to a stomach bug (although I do believe I had food poisoning~ that's a whole nother story)...Ms. Lindsay was amazed at how Thomas is doing. She confirmed that he is going through another language explosion. It's great to hear a professional say that...even though I really thought that he was talking alot and family and friends have been making comments it has been "officially" confirmed!
Thomas is like a little boy may sound funny but he no longer talks like a baby. I can carry a conversation with him ~ and I LOVE it!!!! We talk about everything ~ I never thought 2yrs ago that this day would come when my deaf little boy would be sitting next to me and we would be discussing the weather, a tv show (his favorite~ Handy Manny) or pretty much anything.
Yesterday I was making dinner and Thomas walked in with his bat under his armpit. I asked him if he wanted to play guitar here (he will pretend that his guitar is his guitar) and he said "no, I'm hurt....AAhhh hurt" I said "You're hurt...oh my goodness...what happened?"
Thomas ~ "I hurt my leg....these my crutches" (as he wobbled away with a bat under his arm)
I stood by my sink peeling potatoes and I teared up. It was so great to hear him not only use his imagination but to use the word crutches. That one really threw me for a loop....he must have been watching some cartoon and someone got hurt and had to use crutches ~ no one in our family or any of our friends have used crutches so a cartoon is my only guess. If he does it again I will try to get it on video ~ or atleast a picture ..its pretty cute.
On another note ~ we have a bunch of snow...AGAIN!!! Jonathan is off of school so we are heading over to my Mom's to celebrate her Birthday. Her school was called off today as well and both of my brothers are off work so we will have a nice family celebration. I'll make sure I bring their snowsuits ~ hopefully my brothers will take them both outside and get rid of some of this energy that both Thomas and Jonathan have ~ and I wish I had a bit of!!!
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