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Posted Aug 24 2008 1:56pm

I was really trying to be a good Mamma by vacuuming my house, but the vacuum cleaner literally just exploded...I am NOT meant to clean my house (which now smells like burnt vacuum cleaner).

Sofia after spending the morning outside screaming, I mean as if her hand got slammed in a car door, because every now and then she sees a spider the size of a quarter of a baby tooth just said the funniest thing: "Mommy, what is English?"

"Sofia, English is what Mommy speaks to you, it's a language. We speak Italian, English and Jordan is learning to speak French." I replied.

Sofia asked, "Like Japanese?"

Shocked at my intelligent 5 year old, I suddenly understood and said, "Right, like the Japanese you see on Naruto or Dragon Balls."

Sofia smiled and said, "Yes, Mommy, I speak English, Italian, Japanese and Fairy Tales."

"Yes, Sofia, that's correct."



Yesterday was the presentation of the Italian Version of RALLY CAPS. Twelve people spoke including the Adminstrative Representative of Cochlear Italy, our pediatrician, our child psychiatrist, our first audiologist, our speech therapist and another one of our speech therapists travelled 8 hours to be present as well, our current audiologist responsible for mapping the ci, the vice-mayor of Grosseto, a representative of the Medical Association who endorsed the book, the President of our Parent Association for Families of Deaf Children, Jordan's friend the famous Martina and Jordan.

There were over 120 people in the hall, every seat was filled and people were forced to stand:). I had invited the ENS, Ente Nazionale dei Sordomuti (Deaf individuals who communicate using LIS). After sending a letter to their President requesting their presence and an interpreter, the president contacted me accepting the invitation. There were about ten people present from the Association, and I was VERY excited about this.

I was a strung-out nervous wreck. There was media coverage, tv, newspaper, etc. I was so nervous when the TV guy interviewed me that I think I made him nervous. Okay, speaking before 130 in a language that is not your own, is kind of scary. I must have sounded half-decent because one of my student's moms just texted me: "I saw you on TV and in listening to you speak, one can truly understand exactly just what a mother is capable of doing for her child. Long live women!" THAT was a hot message.

However, this day was not about me, it was about Jordan. Every single person who spoke, spoke to Jordan. He began the presentation by playing "Old McDonald Had a Farm" on his guitar accompanied by Martina, who is just amazing. When she spoke about Jordan there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

After one hour and a half of speeches, Jordan read his letter. He read it clearly and sincerely. After the letter, he decided he wanted to speak to the public. Spontaneously. He said, "I would like to thank everyone for being here with me today. Now, I feel good. I play baseball, I play the guitar, I hang out with my friends, I do anything I want. Before, when I wore hearing aids, I wasn't so good. I was frustrated and life was difficult. Then, I got the cochlear implant and my life changed. Now, I feel good. Thank you again for coming."

I am a nervous mess and my son is a natural. Calm, cool and smooth. Jordan signed books for about an hour, after all he is a published 11 year old. After the book presentation, Luca, Jordan and I went out for pizza. Later that evening we went to an end of the school-year party and on our way home, he said, "Thanks, Mom, this was the Best Day Ever!" (Note: It was also his last day of school:))


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