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Jordan Has a Girlfriend

Posted Sep 26 2008 2:47pm

Way too much drama in the comments section of yesterday's post, you know who you are (*smile*) so I'm taking a break to talk about Jordan.

On Thursdays he has his guitar lesson after school with an hour break for lunch, so I always take him for pizza and peach tea to his favorite pizzeria in the center of Grosseto. We spend a quality hour of Mamma - growing boy time and discuss "the latest." "The latest" is that Jordan has a girlfriend. She is adorable, her name is Alessia. There is only one problem, he refuses to discuss his new girlfriend with his meddling

Our lunch conversation:

Me: So, you have a girlfriend...but really?


Me: Jordan, come on, tell me something...have you kissed her?


Me: Jordan, do you remember when you were DYING to ask Benedetta to be your girlfriend and I helped you find the words to profess your undying love??? Give it up to your Mamma!


Me: I don't believe that she's your girlfriend. I don't believe you, you always tell me everything and suddenly you're quiet. I DON'T BELIEVE YOU! *attempting reverse psychology*

Jordan: Mom, I'm a "guy" now, I can't discuss certain things with you anymore.

Me: (falling off of chair) Uh, okay...for now.

Breaking news:

Luca and I just had an emergency meeting locked in the bathroom where he handed me a series of crumpled passed notes. Last week, loverboy had asked Martina to be his girlfriend and she had said no.

Note #1:Martina, for now I need to leave you, sooner or later we will be boyfriend and girlfriend, but for now I must ask another girl to be my girlfriend. (he drew a pair of red lips on the note-what a stallion)

Marty: WHO?

Note #2: Alessia

Marty: NO!

Jordan: It's okay, I just said I was going to try.

Note#3: It's just for now, Marty.

Marty: Okay, but if you want to hold my hand, you can.

Note#4: WHAT??!!! You want me to hold your hand!!?

Marty: If you want to hold my hand you can.

Jordan: Ok

Note#4: (for Alessia with a heart drawn on it) Well, have you decided? You are beautiful.

Alessia: she x-d the Yes.

Done Deal.

(Note from a pissed off Mamma: I guess this type of stuff has been shifted to Father-Son instead of Mamma-Son *steaming*)

I couldn't decide between the two *smile*
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