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Itchy, Itchy

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
The bandages are so itchy!!! Driving me up the wall. I found some anti-itch cream, and put quite a bit on my forehead. Cannot wait for Wednesday! I have sensitive skin. When I had the catheter in my arm once, a while ago, I could FEEL the catheter, and had to ask the nurse to move it to my hands.
On the other note, I have reduced my pain meds. My neck is still pretty stiff, but better than before. Food is grossing me out to eat, that sucks. Maybe I'll go pick up some pudding tomorrow.

A friend of mine mentioned that she has an older CI, 10 years ago, and when she wanted to upgrade the processor, the company did not have a newer processor made for the 10 year old implant, it wasn't backward compatible. That makes me wonder what will happen 10-20 years from now if my implant is considered ancient. Would I put myself through another surgery? (Technically, all they have to do is cut me up, remove the implant and place in another one without all the complexity of drilling my skull or something). The company that I went with has been pretty good with backward compatibility, which is a relief. Can you imagine all the children/adults that had the implants 10-15 years ago? Oh well, I'll worry about that later.
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