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It's all in the Numbers

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
Like to crunch numbers? Comparisons? Heeerrrre we go!

My hearing aid:
Brand: Siemens Triano SP
Bought: At a run-of-the-mill hearing aid dispenser in 2004
Cost: $4,000 for two
Number Crunch
Hearing aid with battery: 8 grams
Hearing aid without battery: 6 grams
Earmold: 2 grams
One battery lasts me 2 1/2 to 3 weeks
Piece of crap.

My CI:
Brand: Nucleus Freedom Processor with Nucleus Freedom Implant in my left ear
Bought: At a Cochlear Implant Center of New Jersey
Cost: $ (Haven't gotten the bill yet...probably in the $90k to $120k for surgery and my toys) EDIT - $46,000
Value of my toys: $1885
Cost for me: Nothing!
Number Crunches:
CI with 3 batteries: 22 grams
CI without batteries: 17 grams
CI without coil/with batteries: 14 grams
CI without coil/without batteries: 9 grams
Coil: 8 grams
Coil without magnet: 4 grams
Magnet: 3 grams
Processor alone: 4 grams
Power compartment: 10 grams
3 batteries: 4 grams
Cost of batteries: $0! Insurance pays for it
Being able to hear the rain from inside, hearing my cat poop, hearing the hamburger sizzle, and perhaps in the near future hear the damn crickets: PRICELESS
(I know it's annoying to hear another mastercard-like commercial, but who cares. This is directly to Roy.)

I edited the price of my hearing aid, it was higher then expected, and edited the cost of the surgery, which was Lower than expected.
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