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Is this hilarious or what?

Posted Apr 09 2009 7:13pm
I had received an e-mail message from my long time deaf friend, Caroline. The names has been changed due to privacy. Caroline and I had lived 6 blocks from each other and we both had worked downtown and would meet for lunch 1-2 times a week. Also, we would do something together on the weekends. Couple years ago, I had signed up to take ASL 1 class. Beth, who is an interpreter and teaches sign language at the university, found out that I had enrolled in her ASL class. She was excited and told me that she had heard great things about me. Shortly, after the class had started, I found out that she started to meet with the Ladies Night Out with a mixture of Deaf/HOH and hearing ladies. Beth's parents are deaf and her sister also worked at the university in the Deaf studies.

Hi Debbie,
I went to First Southern Baptist Church for "Friends Day" this past Sunday for the fourth year in a row.
Guess who I saw out there?? Beth... she was an instructor at OSU OKC, but she is retired. When she saw me, she asked me where do I live? She wanted to know why I moved back here from Idaho. I was little laughed at her and told her that I was not Debbie B.... LOL She said that my hair style looks like yours which it is true.
She wants me to tell you HEELLLOOOOOO. She looks great and really enjoys her retirement. I told her that I talk to you on VP once a while. She was so proud of you learning to use any sign languages. She also asked me about your brother, Steve. She wants to spank him for not learning signs like you. SMILE
Have a great evening.
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