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Is there is any treatment available in this world to cure nerve deafness? Please help

Posted by ishan

my younger brother diagnosis with nerve deafness at the age of 21; just before 6months at that time he used to hear some sound but now even after using the hearing aids he is not able to hear sound properly...i can't c him like this please help and let me know if any treatment can cure this.
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If what you called "nerve deafness" is actually a malfunction of the internal part of the Chochlea ( inside the hairs are damaged), then yes, there is something that can be done: Cochlear Implants (or CIs). I have two CIs (bilateral) and according to the hearing tests can hear quite well. I use the phone, watch TV, use two way radios, and converse in noisy places...  try  for more information. But you need to have your brother see an audiologist to make sure of his condition.
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