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Is it me?!

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
I started my classes last week.

This week I have Historical and Political Issues. It sucks because it's a GE course, yet it's required from the state of Nevada. That sucks. I was pretty surprised on how well I was able to pick up everything what the teacher said (maybe not 100%, but probably in the 90's). I *know* I would not be able to understand him when I had my hearing aids on.

Today was actually the first time that I really could tell what side someone was speaking on. Since I was activated, I was not involved with a lot of situations where I have directionality abilities. So, I sat firmly looking at the teacher. A student spoke, and I could clearly pick it up from my left side. Same thing went when a student spoke on my right side. I would even test it by taking off the coil on the side that the student is speaking to. It does make a big difference. That was cool.

Today we talked about terrorism, discrimination, and airport security. I explained to him that I was able to pass through the Airport metal detector even though I have TWO magnets and TWO titanium casings in my head. He looked at me and said, "oh really?! That's very interesting." Another student has titanium rod in his leg, and he went through. So, I said, "If someone can create a bomb that has titanium casing on it and still pass through the airport security. BOOM!" The titanium is too weak for the metal detectors to pick up, but what about my magnets? I taught the class something new.

The only thing I find VERY annoying is the damn A.C. Anyone that reads my blog knows that this is my achillie's heel. What's worse, is that the classroom is in a computer room, so it goes on and off on and off on off onoff. Grrr. Is it me?! It drives me insane.

On a good note, it's not as LOUD as my old apartment or house before I was remapped. So, it was an improvement, but it just seem like I cannot filter out these sounds. Other sounds doesn't bug me, but A.C....grr. I just felt like ranting.

There are times when I would walk around my school talking to people, and it makes me wonder if I wore my hearing aids would I understand them the same? Would I be the same person that I was? Would I have been outgoing and more involved like I am now? It's just kind of interesting to think about.
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