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Is Bilateral Really Better?

Posted Nov 22 2008 4:33am

Recently I wrote an article for Cicircle News on the differences I see between my children. One is bilateral and one is unilateral. The article can be found by clicking HERE.
So the journey continues with my Goldenhar usual we go to various appointments and sometimes out of the blue, we are blindsided with new information we never expected. After a precautionary CT scan this week to peek at his CI, we discovered that he is now a candidate to become bilateral. We never expected that he would be...his ears are severely malformed and we had already attempted surgery on that side many years ago, but unfortunately, his cochlea wasn't even located during surgery. Now it's there! as it always has been somewhere, just either so tiny before or unrecognizable....but bottom like is, it's there, you can see it, it's opened up nicely says the ci surgeon. So we are on the road yet again for CI surgery in the future months. I'm in no rush but being that Gage will turn eight in May, it would be advisable to move it along and not wait too much longer since it's been six years since sound has passed thru that ear w/an aid (even though it wasn't much sound at all). So...Is Bilateral Really Better? You better believe it, but we had no idea it would be an option for him....we are keeping very level headed here and realize that other issues could arise during surgery to prevent the insertion but we are hopeful that he will receive it, he'll eventually benefit enough from it to aid in speech reading w/that ear alone and simply hear more with ease having two instead of one. Updates will sure follow as we crank up once again for a ride down that CI road!
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