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iPod and YouTube and my old ears.

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
My iPod has video capabilities on it, so I thought I could try to download videos. Of course, I prefer free stuff. :-) I bought a couple off iTunes, but I prefer YouTube. After finding out how to download YouTube videos onto my iPod, I was a happy camper. :-)

Because of this, I was able to download quite a bit. I downloaded one of Reba's "Message to the Fans" and "A&E Live Request". I plugged in my ears and PAC. I understood 90% what she said in "Message to the fans". I was actually pretty impressed because I *know* for a fact that I would have never been able to catch more than a few words. Then when "A&E Live Request" came next, I was fiddling around getting comfortable so I wasn't really "watching" the video. Instead I heard, "Reba McEntire tells the story of 'The Greatest Man I Never Knew'". Wait. Did I hear that right?! *rewinds* "Reba McEntire tells the story of 'The Greatest Man I Never Knew'". Oh too cool. I wasn't even paying attention. I probably can really use this method and download various short skits/videos and see how much I can catch and use THAT as my training tool. Anyone here have recommendations?

Just the other day, I talked to Roy and told him I have wondered what it really like before I had my CIs. The reason why I brought it up is because everything sounds normal/ same with more crisp and clarity. Don't get me wrong, I absolute love my CIs, but the memories of wearing hearing aids and remembering what it sounded like has long faded away. He looked at me, "Then go ahead and try it." I went ahead and tried both of my HA's on. Dang, I was, err *AM* really deaf. It sounded very echoy, quiet and a bit distorted, but the same as I remember. I left my old HAs on for a while. The memories came flooding back. I tried watching TV with them on, but there was quite a bit missing from the voices. I realized that the whole time my brain was filling in the gaps that I couldn't hear since I know what a word is supposed to sound like. What an interesting experience, but I did struggle trying to see if I can hear words here and there. I yanked them off and put my CIs back on. It was like trying thick glasses covered with dust, and you couldn't see anything.

Life Lesson #2 for Roy: When working on a small leak in the pipes after replacing the valves, make sure the water main is turned off before doing anything more.

All I can say is, Thank goodness the bathroom is small and "flood" friendly. :-) I'll leave the rest of the story up to you to think about.
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