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Introducting Stardust!

Posted Apr 26 2009 10:45pm

Here's my new, very first dog, Stardust! :-)
This should have been posted a month ago. I got no excuses.

I got Stardust from Lied Animal Shelter, which is in part of Humane Society. It's one of the best shelters I ever have been to. I wished it was a little bit better for the cats though. The dog runs smelled good and very clean (aside from those who had 'accidents'). The cats were in cages, but the whole area reeked. I refuse to "buy" any animals, I only adopt.

It was a LONG hard month looking for the right dog. For those who adopt animals know sometimes it's hard to find the "right" animal until you feel the connection. Roy felt the connection with Blackjack.

Two days prior to adopting, I came close. There was a dog that was recommended by my teacher because the dog was trained for the deaf. I jumped to conclusion thinking that I would take this dog home. However, when I saw him at a different shelter (this dog had to be given up as the owner died), he was way too big for me to handle, and was not exactly trained as a well trained dog don't really jump on people. This was a 110 pound Lab mix that was jumping on me. I felt disappointed. Two days later, Roy wanted to go check out Lied Animal Shelter again. Two dog rows later, I saw this little white bundle. She came up to me, and was meek and a little shy. We held her in our arms, and I told Roy, "She is the one." She was 4 months old. At first we didn't want to get a puppy, but I felt in love with her. I knew there was training that was going to be needed, but we both were ready as we're home for the majority of the time. If we were both working outside of the home, we would have gotten an adult dog. It was just the right timing for us to have a puppy.

We picked the name Stardust because of its Vegas connection. If it was a boy, we would have named it Keno. :-)

We don't know the breed. She "looks" medium sized, but she's actually small. She's 10 pounds and about 1 feet tall. The first couple days, she was very shy, and wouldn't come out her crate. Over time, she warmed up quickly and started to play...a.l.o.t! We did have a set back with the housebreaking issues. Mainly due to the fact that she's so quiet and doesn't "tell" us that she needs to go. After figuring out her behavior (she doesn't go around sniffing the ground. She just stands by the door hoping it would magically open) and taking her out every couple hours with a piece of chicken, finally she "got it". It has been a little over a week since her last accident. Thank goodness that we held off on replacing the carpets!

I've taken her to a dog park at least 3 times a week and every single time I go, I hear, "What breed is she?" I have no idea! She looks like she's a border collie and she has some sort of herding instincts, but she's too small to be a BC. She does has some Fox Terrier look to her, but the tail doesn't match (she has a long fluffy curly tail with long fur, while a Fox Terrier has a bit of a docked tail and stands straight up). Terriers are known to be high strung. Stardust is not like that, only when she's excited or when it's Playtime. So who knows. At the same time, it helps me to talk to various people with my CI. Occasionally I have a hard time understanding. Other times, it's just great to be able to understand people. I can tell that I need a new map due to male voices. It sounds just weird....that has to be put on hold as I have insurance issues (whole other story!).

Stardust is such a sweet dog. She LOVES to go up to everyone to say hello, and every dog just to say hi. She knows how to Sit, come, stay, leave it, Gogitit!, Go Potty (about time!). She will be taking Obedience class starting next week. Here we go, hope my CI works! Roy will be with me, so if I have any issues, he can help me out. I want her to get certified for CGC, and tested to see if she will do well in agility. She loves to run, easy to train, and very good jumper, so I'm wondering if she'll do good.

I could go on and on about Stardust. :-) She's just a perfect dog for both of us. Mind you, although she is perfect for us, she still does some things that drives us a bit batty. She likes to chase my cats (herding stuff!), but the cats just go up to a higher place and hide. She likes to take some of the treats and hide them under the cushions, for later perhaps?

CI moments with Stardust: She whines like a bird...seriously. It sounds like pitiful chirping. I can hear her give off a small growl when other dogs go near our property (she's a little bit territorial). I can hear her tags hitting against each other. She has the cutest little bark. :-)

I will be talking about the event with Cochlear next week.
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