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In response to the previous po ...

Posted Jul 24 2012 6:44am
In response to the previous post, a lot of it was a joke--- although I *did* warn you all that it might be offensive to some. I am sorry if you feel offended, but do not assume what kind of person I am or what my values are. :) Not being 100% Deaf and writing a post with a warning does not make me audist.

Some of the generalizations I make are direct references to things I, myself, often experience while interacting with Deaf people. This is not to say that it is ALWAYS this way- life is never this black or white.

I wrote this mainly because I am sitting on a fine line of "not deaf" but "not hearing"- it can be complicated. I try to find humor in what is otherwise a very frustrating way of existing. I try to poke fun at myself more, rather than at cultural things, but sometimes it happens.

People often ask me, "Would you date a deaf person?" & it's annoying that it's even a question that is asked. Would I date a ____(put your personal choice here- black, short, whatever) person? Of course, if I found that I was attracted to who they are as a human being. Same concept- if I met & liked a culturally Deaf person, would I date them? Possibly. Really, you can't help who you find yourself clicking well with.

I could easily make a similar list for ANY type of person I've dated though, just as a commenter pointed out. I also poke fun at guys not doing dishes-- this is obviously not true of ALL guys but is a common joke.

By the way, I don't know that I'd date myself. :) I am indecisive, sometimes offensive, stubborn, and forever lost in my head.
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