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In One Ear Out the Other

Posted Mar 18 2009 3:55pm
Well, no chance of that here. I explained to him before surgery that his ears would now match, no ear holes. Want to know what he said "is it hard for fish to swim?" (don't think he cares about that yet!) His unusual anatomy increases his chances for facial paralysis during the ci surgery (been there done that!) so his doctors have to go in at a different angle meaning ear drum removal, canal removal and sewing the ear shut. Here you'll see him bracing for pain right before I put his cream on the incisions (but it didn't hurt like he thought it would). His head is swollen on the left side (the one where his old ci resided) and not at all swollen on the new ear! The little ear is a little displaced but hopefully it will all go back once he's healed. He's getting around very well this morning, no dizziness to note.
One thing to mention...the doc thought there may have been a small amount of facial weakness on the new side (rt side where he had that 'weakness' before) but it turned out to be fine. Another thing is that when they do ear closures these days ( our doc has done four, two belong to my child) there is a chance that a cyst may form inside and get really infected if not removed. So he'll need a CT scan at 6 mos out and 18 mos out to make sure he doesn't develop this cyst which would need to be removed if it forms. This is not what happened to his left side over the past few months even though it was sewn shut and did get infected-different infection here. Okay, I do have more but the Teacher of the Deaf is coming out soon and my house is a wreck!
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