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IEP - 3 Years Old - Goals and Objectives

Posted Aug 26 2010 12:00am 1 Comment

Lily's first IEP, at three years old, includes the following goals and objectives.

Goal 1

When asked a question or given verbal directions, Lily will demonstrate an increase in her auditory and receptive language skills by mastering the following benchmarks, improving from a baseline of 25% to 80%, measured by observation, data collection and language sampling collected quarterly.


  1. Perform 3-4 step directions correctly that demonstrate understanding of at least 5 phrases each, probing for:  Order or sequence, Words of description, Comparatives and superlatives, Adverbs of time, Regular and irregular past tense verbs, Prepositions showing place, and Conjunctions
  2. Perform a requested action by correctly identifying the one word, phrase, sentence, song/fingerplay which matches the requested 4-8 word stimulus item in 10 opportunities
  3. Provide an appropriate verbal response to 10 each of "Wh" questions (who, what if, where, why, when, how) when asked a question about a story, recent or past experience or about adult instructions.

Goal 2

Given a verbal model, Lily will imitate and produce phrases and sentences using correct syntax and grammatical structures, listed in the benchmarks that follow. Progress on these benchmarks will be measured in four quarterly language samplings, showing improvement from a baseline of 25% to 100%


Correct use of 8 auxiliaries and/or copulas, 8 words showing negation, 8 irregular past tense verbs, 5 conjunctions, 8 prepositional phrases, 5 indefinite pronouns, 5 adverbs of time, 5 comparatives or superlatives, 8 descriptive adjectives with appropriate nouns, and 5 nouns accompanied by 2 descriptive adjectives.  

Goal 3

Given visual/verbal cues, Lily will improve her speech production of targeted sounds /v/, /k/, /g/, initial /l/, /l/ blends from a baseline of 0% accuracy in any context to 60% accuracy in imitation/consonant-vowel combinations/vowel/consonant combinations and single worlds as measured by the SLP Articulation Data Collection Chart.  


  1. Use of listening activities to achieve correct production of targeted speech sounds
  2. Auditory discrimination of paired words contrasting error vs correct sound productions
  3. Auditory discrimination of correct/incorrect targeted sound productions in verbal models
  4. Auditory discrimination of correct/incorrect targeted sound productions in her own speech

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Thank you,  This was a big help in writing our own goals before her IEP meeting.
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