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I put Oregano Oil in my ear for infection. I lost hearing in that ear. Help

Posted by Nancy

I had a bacterial infection and put wild oregano oil in that ear. I have been without hearing for a year. Can you tell me what happened and if I can do anything.
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I'm sorry to hear that. The oil must of went in you're inner ear and possibly into the cochlea which is responsible for hearing. You shouldn't put oils directly in the ear. I use garlic diluted in water and if I use oils I warm it up and put it on a cotton ball over the pinna of the ear which soothes it. The oil may even be clotted in you're inner ear, I would consult a specialist and do you're own research as well. Usually hearing loss is permanent but like I said, maybe the oils left residue over essential microscopic hairs in the ear responsible for hearing.. Don't give up.

did you put pure oregano oil or did you dilute it with olive oil? how many times did you put the oil in the ear and for how long?How long did it take you to loose hearing after putting oregano oil in the ear? Did you loose hearing within hours or days because of this? I want to know because I too put oregano oil in my ear diluted with olive oil.
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