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I have my own Inventor!

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm

"What in the world is THAT?!", you may say. Those of you who knows my dilemma of having my CI staying on my ear. I've tried various things, such as SnugFit, but the bottom part is irritating, and annoying. I've tried a much longer hook that's made for children. It's not the hook area/processor area the problem, it's the power housing (basically the battery compartment) is the problem. That area is very slick, and my ears are a bit on the smallish/medium side. When I have the CI on, it has the habit of slipping from the bottom area because I have nothing to really hold it in place. I cannot explain it to you in words, but hope you know what I mean. My ears are just "floppy" on my ear lobe. SO...I've been complaining about it to Roy. Roy turned on his invention light bulb (I knew he will come up with something, especially after fixing my damn power cord for my computer). This is what he came up with. He cut up a rubber band, and used mailing tape to make it stick. Ta-Da! It works! It gives some sort of friction on the ear so it won't slip. I don't want sticky stuff on my ears because it will be PIA to put it on everyday like that.
I think this would be a GREAT invention for Cochlear to have some sort of rubbery spot that touches the ear. For those who have Freedom...feel the bottom of your battery compartment, and you can feel a slight rubber part, that should extend all the way to the top of the battery compartment. The hook area does not need it because it already have the support. That would be cool when they come out with the new processor.

Roy's invention still need some tweaking, as I don't need it on the top area, just the battery compartment area. So, maybe he'll cut it in the future, then I wouldn't have to take it off when I do the map, since they remove the power housing. I'm just tickled that I finally can have my CI STAY on when I bend over, or cock my head to the side. :-)
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