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I am the only mommy who ...

Posted May 09 2010 10:27pm

I am the only mommy who gets weepy with each passing grade? Each time Ethan comes to the end of a school year I cry thinking about him while driving down the street. It is not a hormonal imbalance of any kind, this I am certain of. I just know the work that got him here. I know the hours of flash cards and saying "Ethan this is a bear" now you say it. Working for articulation, working to teach him to express himself. And now he is ending second grade strong. Reading at a 3rd grade level and knowing his passions for reading, writing and learning. He has learned the value of reading this year. The value of that "fact" book that he can now explore for hours on his own and he does. His passions vary. He loves geography and last week he asked Emily and me to name the capitals if we named the states. We looked at each other and laughed because right there we knew he knew more than we knew and it would be easier for us to name the states and have him say the capitals, which he did.

So for all of our kids who are progressing well, congratulations for all the hard work. Congratulations to those kids who are moving to the next grade, and to each person who works so hard to make it happen for your child.
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