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I am thankful they are deaf

Posted Nov 21 2012 8:35am
If you had asked me eleven years ago if I was glad my first born lived in silence, I would have said no. The experts told me he would learn to speak though it would be limited and at a much slower pace, and that I needed to narrate everything I do. When I woke in the mornings we put his prosthetic "ears" on knowing he would only hear certain parts of my words but we were to spend our day talking...about everything. If I walked to the kitchen I sang, "walk, walk, walk," with every single step in hopes that one day, he would learn that everything, even motions, had names, sounds, labels. By the end of the day, I rarely even answered the phone and had to force myself to speak to a tired husband when he came home from work, because my words had been given to my child.

There were days I thought would never end and when he finally got his cochlear implant, we had to start over again. Sister came along, and we were blessed to start it once more for her so words became part of our life. I learned to describe feelings and emotions, we stopped at every tree, we smelled every flower, we listened to every bird. Eleven years have passed now and I can honestly say that I'm thankful my children are deaf.

My busy world slowed down for years as they began to grow and learn. Each day, I'd step outside my door and wonder if there was anything else left that I could give my children and something new would appear. Their little face would light up with excitement and tears would run down my cheeks as The Blessings poured in day after day.

I had no idea that The Lord was crafting me all this time. HE was teaching me how to see HIM, how to feel HIM, and how to teach my kids about HIM. HE was teaching me to write with the same words I taught my children only they became more than just words over time. HE taught me to notice everything and then translate what my eyes and heart could see. Today, I am thankful HE lets me feel. If my world had not slowed down a few years ago to absorb HIM, I would not have the relationship with Christ that I do today. He took something very close and special to me, my children, and had them teach me how to hear HIM.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

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