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Hurricane RACHEL!

Posted Aug 24 2008 10:48pm

Rachel's powerful voice is rocking the Deaf Community:

COOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUGH! Same old criticism that I get all the time - My life’s not good enough without ASL. Deaf people should own deaf children, not the parents.

First of all, I believe that deaf people or ANY people do NOT have the right to make a decision for someone else’s child. ONLY the parents should make the decision for their own child. (AMEN)

I believe that deaf children who qualify for AVT and CIs should NOT learn sign language before learning spoken language; however, I will not go after parents and say to them, “Do NOT teach your child sign language.” I will just share my experiences and tell them that I got a CI when I was a toddler and a second one when I was older, I was raised with the AVT approach and did not learn ASL, and I’m very happy with my parents’ decision. If they ask me what I believe, I will tell them that I believe that deaf children who QUALIFY for CIs and AVT should get CIs as soon as possible, go with the AVT approach, and not learn sign language until they master their auditory skills, unless they find that the CI and/or AVT is not working well for their child for some reason, and then they can try a different method. As I said, I’m not going to go in parents’ faces and say, “YOU should do this and this and YOU should NOT do this and this.” Parents have the right to make their own choices. Choosing the best method is an individual choice, not one big group’s choice nor one famous leader’s choice, not anyone else but the parents’.

Wow...inspirational words for the hearing mother of a deaf child with a cochlear implant. I cannot speak for my son, I can talk about him and his progress, regression, behavior, personality, but I do not know what he will say about this entire experience ten years from now. Please, please let him be as proud of himself as Rachel is of herself. Let him find a strong voice, stronger than mine based on his life experiences.

The Deaf Community requested to hear the voices of cochlear implantees and here she is...RACHEL! Her purpose is not to grandstand, it is to be proud of who she is, what she has accomplished and where she plans to go in the future. She speaks with that young, collegiate, "I'm going to kick some serious ass, because I can" voice. There is NO subtlety of hopefulness in her voice, she is convinced and self-reliant. Independent. Amazing.

This is part of a post I wrote back in December that quotes Melissa's comments about Rachel's travels in France:

Here's a story that is a real testament to how necessary the ability to hear

and speak are to be truly independent in the hearing world. As I had

written before, Rachel was in France. She was volunteering with an

organization called Volunteers for Peace. The organization is affiliated

with UNESCO and recommended by the Princeton Review, and so it looked pretty

good. According to their write-up, she was supposed to be working with

kids, with people with disabilities, helping out in the fields on the farm,

etc. Unfortunately, it turned out that the woman who ran the farm was very


She was constantly yelling at the volunteers but especially Rachel

as she apparently does not like Americans. In addition, rather than

activities to help promote peace, she had the girls doing nothing but

cooking and cleaning the house. Rachel tried to speak to her about the

situation as she was the only one who spoke French and could communicate

with the woman, but the woman only got nastier. *There were two other volunteers with her for the week, both from Korea. The Koreans spoke English but not French. The leader spoke French but not English. So, my deaf daughter, whom the experts told me 20 years ago would probably never speak English well, acted as the translator between the leader and the Korean girls since she's fluent in both languages.*

NOTE: Rachel didn't start studying French until the second semester of her 9th grade year. Her high school was on a semester system, which enabled her

after taking French every semester to study through French 5 followed by a

full year of AP French her senior year and a semester of French in college.

Plus, she went on two exchange programs to France and then spent 3 weeks

there with her French friends last summer as well and has maintained email

and written communication in French with a couple of French pen pals since

9th grade as well.

...Rachel had spent $250 of her own money plus her frequent flyer mileage and

my parents' to get there, and so she wanted to try to salvage some of the

trip. Therefore, she opted to leave the farm and make her way to Bayonne,

France, where she has some very close friends and which is at the opposite

end of the country from where she was in the middle of rural France outside

of Marseilles.

She got a ride to the bus stop in the little town near where

she was. She knew that she needed to get to the train station in Marseilles

but didn't know anything more than that. In French, she asked two high

school students at the bus stop how to get there. They were very nice and

sat on the bus with her, showing her where to get off and telling her which

bus to transfer to. When she got off the second bus, she asked the bus

driver in French how to get to the train station. He told her how to get

there. She walked a few blocks to the train station and asked in French at

the station how to get to Bayonne. This entailed taking two trains for a

total of 7 hours, transferring in Bordeaux.

Throughout all of this, she was in constant touch with me and with her friends in Bayonne via cell phone. I cannot imagine what she would have done had she not been able to communicate as well as she can. She certainly would have been stuck at the farm for the full 2 and a half weeks. Also, being able to speak to her throughout this ordeal certainly kept me from being one basketcase of a totally anxious mom.

All's well that ends well as she's back home tonight safe and sound, having

enjoyed the last part of her trip much more than the first. Oh, one more

thing - If anyone knows of any great organizations that run volunteer

programs in Europe for college students, we'd love to hear about them

because she will be there again this summer and has about three weeks to

fill before starting her semester abroad in France in September, and she's

certainly not going through Volunteers for Peace again!


Yes...Hurricane Rachel is blowing away with her candid and confident voice.
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