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Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
I went to see Carol Paddon's presentation at Swarthmore College on Friday night with a friend. Carol is a well known linguistic, especially sign language. It was nice to see him, as I haven't seen him since before the surgery, and it was cool to discuss things about what happened during his surgery and mine, and comparisons of sounds.

At the presentation, I turned my program to Beam as I could hear the people behind me talking/whispering. It was perfect. I could only hear the voice interpreter, then this familiar sound of clicky clack of the C-Print. Now..that's LOUD. Anyhoo, I normally cannot really make out what the interpreter is saying (even though Carol signed for herself), but can catch a few words here and there. These voice interpreters could use some improvement in their recieving skills. I had to laugh when I saw what Carol is saying, and hearing something slightly different or totally different. I was able to catch about 80% of what the interpreter said, even before C-Print showed up. It was really cool to just hear the voice interpreter and the C-Print typewriter. I tried switching my program to another one to see the difference, and it turns out that I can hear people breathing, a-hem ing, whispering. With the Beam program, it sounds so far away. I highly recommended it to my friend as he doesn't have Beam program. So, the presentation was an exciting moment for me as it was my first "audience" presentation.

I am currently reading "Ramona, Age 8" by Beverly Clearly, read by Stockard Channing. At first her voice sounded raspy, now it sounds slightly better, but I think I need a new map as certain sounds sounds very "scratchy". I'm still reading Harry Potter, and my next audiobooks will be "5th Horseman", and "Wizard's First Rule" by Terry Goodkind. If you like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter...this is the book for you. I LOVE this book, so much I read it 4 times already. :-)

My computer still has "personal issues". She gets heated up, then just shuts down. My my, what an attitude. :-)
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