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How do you manage Meniere's?

Posted by Jan S

Last August, I had a sudden hearing loss - no vertigo.  The hearing came back in one ear, but only alittle in the other ear.  After seeing ENT and Otologist, the diagnosis was autoimmune inner ear disease because the hearing loss can be treated with prednisone.  My hearing has fluctuated- sometimes ok, sometimes not.  This past week I had 2 episodes of vertigo, for the first time since all this began. The good thing about the vertigo was that when it stopped, my hearing improved!  Otologist says this is all consistent with Meniere's.  Not sure about the AIED and there is a possibility my seasonal and other allergies are affecting my hearing (seeing an ENT Allergist for that).

I've been on diuretics since last Fall to reduce fluid in my inner ears and have been limiting sodium.   Does anyone have any other suggestions for me?   I'm trying to figure out everything I can to keep my hearing consistent.  The hearing loss can be dealt with (just got hearing aids), but the fluctuations are annoying. 



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Diet, and keeping your stress level down.  My doctor put me on a "no CATS" diet.  no Caffeine, no Alcohol, no Tobacco and no Sodium.  It has worked wonders.  I was drinking way too much coffee, especially those frapaccinos I got by the case at Costco.... I completely eliminated coffee, and absolutely no Starbucks, even their decaf has caffeine.  I don't drink, except for a glass of wine once in a while.  The most difficult is sodium.  It is hidden in processed foods, and a cup of soup, or hotdogs, would send me spinning.  I try to drink as much fluids as I can.  My hearing is basically gone now.  Nothing left in my right ear at all.    I have a single hearing aid and will eventually will get a 2nd one.  I haven't had a vertigo attack in 6 months or so, and it was a mild one.    I used to get attacks every week, so severe I couldn't stand, and I could not even lay down on my right side without bed spins.  Since I have watched my diet, those days are gone along with my hearing.  


Do you have any whirling noise, or like a feeling of fullness in your ears?  If you do,  I have a vitamin regime that will or may give you relief.  I thank God for it every day.  Reply and I will let you know about it.

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