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How do you know if you perforation your eardrum?

Posted by lilmomma26

I was cleaning out my ear because i couldn't hear very well. My brother told me to use peroxide in my ear, i did that and i went to clean it out with a Q-tip and i heard a pop and i couldn't hear nothing. It was alot of pain and i still can't hear and it's very painful. I looked in my mouth and used a flashlight and looked in the back of my throat and there is a white hard circle with a brown tint around it. I think if i am right were the eardrum fell in the eustachian tube. I don't have any health ins. and can't afford to go to the doctor. Is it going to get better or is this going to need a doctor to check it out. I can't really eat or open my mouth very wide it hurts all down my ear and on the outside. Please help

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it looks  like hearing aid salesmen (or women ) are cruising this site. that link she gave you was a not too cleverly disguised sales pitch. that's why we need universal, free health care - health is one area saless people should not be allowed in. Anyway, i have had a lot of ear problems myself. Clogged Eustachian tube, ear drum pressure, ear infection, bursed ear drum - in that order, then cycling back. Conventional doctors have tried antibiotics, antihistimines, prescription ear drops and steroid  sinus spray nasonex etc. THEY ALL MADE IT WORSE. Dont even go there. they will lie to you and say those treatments work but statistically they dont any more than leaving it alone. I am having much better luck with a few other techniques: nasel rinse with saline 2. yoga, yes yoga and combined with saline rinse- for instance back rocking and back rolls, even head stands. 3. visualize it clearing- this sounds crazy but I visualize little gnomes and elves in my ear canal cleaning it out- i am sure you can hire any creature you like to do the job! 4. diet and water: drink excessive amounts of water, stop all dairy and wheat. eat lots of veggies and pray to whatever entity you believe in!


Hi Paul:
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OK.  Well, I'm a doctor, and I would suggest you go see someone about your problem.  It could just simply be that you pushed a large "rock" of earwax into your ear and blocked off your outer ear canal, or you might have just perforated you eardrum altogether.  If you don't have money to see a doctor, ask a nurse you know to take a look at it for you and suggest something.  Nurses can often do just as much, or more to help out, and often all you need to do is ask.  If the eardrum is perforated, you NEED to go see a doctor, or risk infection and permanent hearing loss.  Depending on the damage you did, it could lead to meningitis or worse.....recurrent ear infections leading to systemic infection, etc.  Of course, you might not need to do anything at all if its a clean puncture of the eardrum.  If you pushed the wax through the eardrum INTO the canal, you've got problems.  It needs to be removed professionally.

Long story short...GO TO A DOCTOR!  Free health clinics work, or even the Emergency Room.  If you've got a friend going to the doctor, tag along and see if you can drop in a few questions about your problem.  If you want to avoid all this, talk to a nurse.


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