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Hold for now...

Posted Feb 03 2009 11:44pm
I know my 1 year anniversary for Activation day has passed over Sunday...yay, Super Bowl and Activation day!

However, it has to be put on hold until I'm emotionally and mentally better. My cat, Blackjack, who I have mentioned previously, has acquired FIP. FIP is the one disease that I do not ever want to hear from a cat. It just sucks. Wikipedia has more information about it. Basically he develops fluids in his belly. It is 100% fatal. Unfortunately, the problem is the "when". Sometimes they can get sick very quick, others can live for 2 years. It all depends on the cat and their bodies can handle.

Again, unfortuntely, Blackjack's body cannot handle it. We just found out about 3 weeks ago, and we have been on a emotional rollar coaster for the last week because he suddenly stopped eating. Since then, he has progressively gotten worse. We have made the decision to ease his pain and end the suffering in two days or three. This is the toughest decision that any pet owner has to experience. It was even more tough because we only had Blackjack for 5 months and he developed a nasal disease.

I'll admit that after owning 12 different cats, Blackjack is my number one. He would just go up to ANYONE and start making muffins on the person's neck and just lay down on the chest or lap. None of my other cats do that. Hobbes is very shy, but is very sweet once he gets used to you. Mocha is a bit of a prissy bitch. It's her way or else.

Roy and I will forever remember Blackjack, he will be sorely missed. Meanwhile, I will put my 1 year review on hold for now. Maybe when I get my map...I had to put THAT on hold, and I seriously need one because now everything sounds a little bit imbalanced.

Hug all your animals for me.
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