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Hello, my name is Kirstan. I'm a FaceBook addict...

Posted Aug 18 2009 11:04pm
Ever since I discovered Facebook through a workshop a few months ago through my job, at first I didn't think much of it until friends started...."friend"ing me...and I've gotten hooked.

Now many of my friends and myself are addicted to it. Even my own family (well, except Josh...he's too young)....

Eee....I find myself checking up on statuses of everybody constantly...and some serious, but some very hilarious, it's hard to contain my laughter...especially in the workplace.

I love my friends who has sarcastic sense of humor.

I love my friends who are just plain funny.

Or crazy. Or too serious.

But it is always great to know what's going on with everyone in their lives...

Guess we'd need to set up a support group for us FB addicts, yeah?

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