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Hello, Monday night and still ...

Posted Feb 08 2010 4:07pm
Monday night and still at home from the snow, so I thought I would post another note here. By Saturday evening I had finished shoveling out of the 36 inches of snow and literally right when I was done my wife came out to announce the power and electricity had come back on. Hallellujah! We had been without it since early that morning and the house was getting pretty cold. I was also grateful for the disposable batteries I had for my implant, since I couldn't charge the other ones! I have been using the rechargeables almost exclusively since the first week of activation more than a year ago
And now they are predicting another 12-15 inches of snow beginning tomorrow night. Amazing!
I also wanted to mention the conference I went to last week. Dee Dee Wright had emailed me about speaking at a cochlear conference for hearing professionals, in Fairfax, Va. I agreed because I have always been willing to tell my story and this was also a way to give back to Cochlear America as well. Megan Kessler, and Ginger Grant were there and I also met Laura Carr for the first time. After Megan had presented a powerpoint I got up before about 13-15 hearing professionals (and one set of parents) and presented my hearing history, from the time I was 4 years old and my mom first recognized a slight hearing deficiency to my cochlear implant surgery, to now. This was the first time I had done this and I hope I was beneficial in some way to those listening. Afterwards I thought of a couple of other things I could have done to make it a little more interesting in case I get another chance to do it. An audiologist from Silver Spring, Andreas Cossettini asked if I would be willing to speak to any of her clients about my CI, which I am more than happy to do. A worthwhile evening all around. I did not stay very long afterward since it was snowing outside. I have never looked forward to Spring so much!
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