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Hello all, Welcome to the one ...

Posted Nov 12 2009 10:02pm
Hello all,
Welcome to the one year anniversary of the activation of my implant! Wow, what a difference a year makes. One year ago today, after 5 weeks of being completely deaf after the surgery, I walked out of Jennifer Yeagle's office wondering what I had gotten myself into. All I heard was loud wooshing noises, and high pitched, Donald Duck sounding, barely recognizable voices. I had been prepared for things not sounding normal, but this was way beyond normal. If you read my blog from that day it started by saying that I was going to really need a lot of patience, and I did!But by God's grace, and my families help, things got better. If there are readers out there who are wondering what it will be like those first few days and weeks, I don't want to paint to bleak a picture, but I do want to be honest about how difficult it was. I did wonder on a few occasions if I had made the right decision, but I know now without a shadow of doubt that I did.
Things are so normal for me now I hardly think about it anymore, and when I do it is usually with a slight chuckle thinking about this amazing technology and how one second I can be deaf and the next be hearing at nearly twice the level I was at before the surgery!
So what's next? I will continue to see Jennifer every 6 months or a year to keep things humming along, but otherwise I am on my own now. I'm sure I will continue to monitor new advances as they might pertain to my right, still bad, ear. I'm not ready yet to go bilateral - adding another CI to my right ear. Quite honestly, I have tossed around the idea of writing a book!
I may not keep up this blog as often. But if anyone has any questions, or would like to contact me, please do, I am more than willing to talk, write or anything else that might help someone.
Thank you Tammie (my wife) for being my rock and pushing me to do this. Thank you Jennifer for all your help and patience. Thank you Dr. Santina for doing a great job on the surgery. Thank you Kevin, Jeff, and Tony, for being there when I was down and not sure about the whole thing. Thank you to my colleagues and students who were there for me here at school. Thank you Dee Dee and Megan and others from Cochlear America for helping ease my anxieties - I am trying to pay it forward by advocating for and to others. Thanks Mom! Thanks Danielle! (Nuff said).
I'll leave with this: "Don't count the days, make the day's count!
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