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Hearing Loss?Gifted?ADHD?Behavior?

Posted Nov 18 2008 12:18am

Okay, in tears here! School really stresses me out. Gage does so well academically, unless he's having one of those days and gets careless, so there are absolutely no concerns of the work being too hard...many people like his TOD even, thinks the opposite..."he needs to be tested this year for gifted" she says. Well, some of you are thinking, that's great, why complain about that? Well, look a little closer...
As far as accommodating him w/his ci, being deaf, the school does a fabulous job. Everyone loves Gage he's a real hoot. The problem is getting him to sit and be quiet. He had these same problems last year. Right now it's not too fair to judge because he's been w/out his FM mic all week and he's had to take listening breaks where he's sent into the resource room w/HIS work. The teacher says that helps him a lot. When I pick him up everyday and he has check marks for "running, talking EXCESSIVELY, and out of his seat, disturbing others" so far not all at once. He forgot to even bring his homework home yesterday, left everything, his backpack was empty. I've always passed it off as "he's all boy" because I'd hear that even in grocery stores when people would see his behavior (not bad behavior, just high energy) then I passed it off as being deaf w/a ci...getting distracted from certain noises in class since he's such a good listener. Now we (school counselor, myself and others) are wondering if it's more. Maybe he has ADHD?? I'm going by the doc's office this morning to pick up a blue immunization sheet for Brook's school and I'll ask what are the steps to a diagnosis. I despise the thoughts of medication taking his personality...I don't want him to want to sit and watch tv or something like that. We love his energy at home while we are outside, it's just who he is. But my final straw is when he gets into the car every afternoon, sees my disappointment when he gets the check marks...we always take stuff away (like his four wheeler) and he understands that, but he's upset and crying because he don't know why he ran, or can't quit talking "school is hard, I don't understand the rules yet" he tells me yesterday. I say "they are the same rules as last year, you don't run, you stop talking, you listen to the teacher" but I feel bad 'cause I seriously think it's impossible for him to sit still and be quiet. People don't realize how hard he's taking this as well, so I seriously doubt this is all bad behavior. But I'm on a mission, to find out what is going on here, everyone seems to be stressing and I can't have him disturbing class all day so we are working for some answers. I've begun this diet watch according to ADHD standards. Wow, I feel for the mom who have kids w/allergies or diabetes even! Milk is in almost everything, so is red dye! Those are two key things to eliminate I think, it's very hard. So anyone w/a ADHD kid please, please...are we even remotely close? This is all new to me! We'll find out though, something has to change whether it's behavior, boredom, or the wiggles from ADHD.
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