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hearing loss following concert.

Posted by TheUsualSuspect

I went to a concert 5 days ago first concert ever local venue probily 110 db max if that. after concert coudnt hear right in my right ear my left ear was ringing as well but no loss. bout 3 days after concert hearing loss still there and right ear started feeling itchy and it had been feeling of fulness since the concert.  now 2 more days later and my hearing has gotten worse and the itching/fullness is really anoying im getting scared bout permanent hearing loss but ive read it can take up to 2 weeks sometimes after a concert to get back your hearing. I am in the process of sceduling a appointment with a ENT cause i think that this ear infection or whatever it is probily just irritation is affecting it some. my question is should I be super super worried or am I just being really paranoid cause it was my first concert? ps i do have some prior hearing loss in both ears bout 15-20db both ears one due to infections as a kid other due to gunshot whell working construction. the gunshot is the ear that im experiences the loss in now. I have permanent tinnitus in the right ear from this.

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I would make an appointment ASAP with an ENT. Don't delay. I don't think you are being paranoid. Some types of noise-induced hearing loss can be helped, and a round of antibiotics, etc., may be in order if you are experiencing sudden sensorineural hearing loss. I encourage to see your doctor right away.
I did see a doctor about 5 days after i posted this and got a hearing text they say everything is normal and the doctor didnt say much either. my hearing is still a little wacked and its now day 16 im still hoping that some comes back but if not its gotten to a point where it is (bearable) it sounds to me like just about a 5db loss in 1 range somwhere around 4-6 khz just small enough for a test to miss but large enough to be anoying.
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