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Hearing aids can improve your love life!

Posted Feb 18 2010 3:29pm

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By Karen Finch FSHAA FRSA, Managing Director of The Hearing Care Centre (Suffolk)

With Valentine's Day just past, and love in the air, I was very interested to read about a survey, which suggests that the use of hearing aids improves relationships.

Hearing aids improve social relations, including the users’ love life, and make intimate conversations easier, according to an Australian study.

An opinion poll among 300 elderly hearing impaired Australians found that hearing aids had wide-ranging positive effects on personal and social relationships.

More than half of the respondents stated that their hearing aids improved their social lives. Two in every three said that their hearing aids helped them overcome difficulties in connecting with family and friends.

A little more than 70 percent of the respondents in the study live with their partners, and one in 10 said their hearing aids had improved their love life, whereas nobody stated that their love life had been harmed. Many pointed out, that hearing aids made it easier to engage in intimate conversations.

Hearing aid users also strongly reported that it was easier for other people to talk to them (84 percent), and that these people no longer had to talk loudly (75 percent).

I am not at all surprised by the findings of this survey. I see patients on a daily basis that tell me how much a hearing aid has improved not only their hearing but also their family life and relationships.

Karen Finch Using a Video Otoscope with a patient (lower res).jpg

One in seven people in the UK have a hearing loss and when you realise that only a third of people who would benefit from a hearing aid, have one, you begin to see the size of the problem facing the hearing care professionals – and to be brutally honest, the families and loved ones of those people too.

There is plenty of evidence that people with uncorrected hearing loss have a worse quality of life than those with normal hearing, and there is also evidence that untreated deafness can lead to people suffering from serious social or psychological problems.

People with hearing loss tend to get left out of family discussions and decision-making. There are frequent misunderstandings, relationships can become difficult, marriages strained and the unimpaired partner can suffer stress, fatigue, anger and guilt.

So it is so important that you have your hearing tested regularly! Contact your local hearing care professional.

For further information on hearing loss and hearing aids please visit Karen’s website at

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