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Hearing aid batteries

Posted Oct 30 2008 6:03pm 1 Comment

I’ve been changing the batteries on both aids every hour or two for the last couple of days. Arrrghhhh! I haven’t had this problem before and it’s really annoying, especially as I was in a 5 hour meeting :-( The batteries don’t die out slowly as with analogue aids so you don’t have the warning of sounds dying away, and my new aids don’t beep when the battery needs changing. The aids just go dead. Just like that. Pffftttttt!

A colleague is an expert on hearing aids so I asked for advice. It appears the batteries I have are useless - Power One P675 - and these are supplied by my hearing aid clinic! and my other batteries ZeniPower A675 are allegedly suspect.

I’ve been advised to hang the aids up at night to dry out, with the battery compartments open and batteries out. Just hang them over the lid of the box they came in, or an eggcup, or something similar.

Gently wipe the battery compartment contacts (and audio direct input shoe contacts, if using shoes) with a cotton wool earbud or a matchstick with tissue wrapped around it.

Whilst on this subject, thick walled tubing is better to have as you don’t really get much condensation, as you do with the thinner walled tubing.

Fingers crossed, this will sort itself out without a trip to the hearing aid clinic. It’s that time of year, overhauls galore…

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