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Have a question for Jennifer T. about Hearing Loss & Deafness?

Posted by Susan

Hi Jennifer:

 I am scheduled to have a CI, Neuleus 5 by Cochlear on Janurary 25.  I'll be having it done at OSU ENT.  My question is..............who makes the best all around CI?  Can you give me your imput and what do you have.  I am not in doubt that I'll be a successful canidate as I work hard to get to a point. 

I lost most of my hearing at one year old, but have always lived in the hearing world and speak, I don't even know how to sign.  I am 66 yrs old and hearing aids just don't work that well anymore for me.  I also have good talking skills so I know with hard work, I'll get there.

 My biggest concern is which product to use as OSU (Ohio State University) only uses Cochlear and I want the best instrument made and reading some of Advanced Bionics I am questioning my choice.  I know as far as the choice of surgeon and autologists, I'll be in good hands.  They chose to carry only Cochlear as that was a requiment (I am sure money-wise is involved) But I want the best there is for overall preformance.  My personal email is and I would love to hear from you.




M. Susan Hutt

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