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Has anyone ever had sharp stabbing pains in ears,dizziness,ringing in one ear, and just a general feeling of not feeling well?

Posted by Ear Girl

About six months ago I had fliud which caused dizziness,ear ache & nasauea in my middle ear which was treated with antibotics. Ever since then nothing has been right I have been having these stabbing pains for a while and just kind of ignored them but then I started feeling dizzy especially when bending down and then rasing back up. One day I statred having this lound pitch rining in my ears which lead to me temporally lossing hearing in my right ear for about 45 mins. When my hear came back it was clogged feeling or full. This prompted me to go to my gp and in turn sent me to the ENT. The ENT did a hearing test and pressure test. The hearing test showed morderate hearing loss in my right ear and the pressure test seemed to be out of wack too. The ENT put me on steriods for one week thinking it was fluid but as it turns out it is not. These has been no improvement on my hearing or pressure so I am going to have an MRI on tuesday. The ENT said if the mri comes back okay then he is going to diagnose me as being born with this funky ear pressure pattern which is what supposable would be causing it. this doesn't seem right to me these symtoms haven't been going on my whole life this was sudden and is still happening. I do not belive for one min that this issue is something I was born with. Has anyone ever heard or had any of these symptoms? can anyone help??? Please
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I have these symptoms right now I get sharp 2-10 sharp strapping pains on the right side of my head down to the right side n my face and its random... Then I get super dizzy and have a loud high pitch ringing in my right ear. I felt like throwing up about two days ago. Im going to see a doctor tomorrow sometime :/ 
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