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Happy New Year! I hope the ho ...

Posted May 04 2009 5:26pm
Happy New Year!
I hope the holiday season has been treating everyone well. Mine has been filled with family get togethers - for Christmas and birthdays, and the new year will be filled with the same.
I wanted to add one more blog for 2008: I have been enjoying my ipod like never before. I was able to use one before I got the implant, but I had to take my hearing aid out and then turn it all the way up, which of course everyone around me could then hear too, so i did not use it that much. My daughter got a new ipod for Christmas so she gave me back mine (she had lost hers). I plugged it in to my processor and the music came in loud and clear - and no one could hear what i was listening too, even turned all the way up! I think I listened to it for the next hour, and then again in the car on the way back from my brothers house an hour away a few days later. I have to update the music now and i will carry it with me everywhere.
On the national level the news this year has not been that great to put it mildly. But on a personal level, I am almost sad to say goodbye to 2008, especially the last couple of months. The highs and lows have given me a real appreciation for my life and family. As 2009 quickly approaches I expect to settle into the everyday routines with much fewer highs and lows, which is a good thing. My blogs will probably be fewer and farther between as well. Feel free to add comments or ask me any questions.
Take care and happy New Year!
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