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Happy Mother's Day

Posted Apr 09 2009 7:13pm

I received Mother's Day cards from the kids. This one was from John and after reading his message, my heart just melted and it puts a huge smile on my face. He wrote this in his own words and thoughts. Inside the card the message said...


You are like another Mom to me. You are so special and I love you so much. I love helping you with mash potatoes. I love walking through the mall with you. I like eating No-Bake cookies more than I like making them. I pray for you for your job and thank God for your hearing. You are such a blessing to everyone around you. I like seeing you smile and you make me laugh and smile. I love it when you pick me up from school! I love you.

Love, John

He's such a sweet young gentleman and his Grandma (my Mom) usually call him "Teddy Bear" because he loves to snuggle with us.

CI note...John was in the same room when Steve was turned on for the first time. I wish I could put the local TV News segment in here but it's impossible. After the long morning event with the News Reporter and the camera man spending the entire morning for the segment, our family walked across the street from the CI center to the cafeteria in the hospital. John was sitting next to me and I was listening to see if I could recognize any new sounds that surrounds me in the dining room. Lo and behold, my brain clicked and repeated everything what John said, "What did you say?" without any visual clue. He was so excited and everybody in my family were in total shock. Family said that I wasn't supposed to hear that as I was starting to take baby's first step at the very beginning and it had been only a few hours since I had entered into the world of hearing.

Last Saturday he called me and I recognized his voice right off the bat when I answered my cell phone. The next day (Sunday) as we were at his house, where his Mom made the best Blackberry pies for dessert, he told me that he truly enjoyed talking to me on the phone. I told him let's do that more often.
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