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Growing Receptive Language Skills

Posted Oct 17 2008 9:00pm

Drew's receptive language is growing. He now understands, "Where are your shoes?" He will instantly stop whatever he is doing and begin the search to find his shoes. I piled his shoes up with a bunch of toys the other day and he was able to find them. He also understands me when I say, "Pick up your shoes." And he is understands, "Let's put your shoes on." He will walk over to me, lift his foot, while trying to keep his balance, and wait for me to put his shoe on. It is so wonderful to know that he is actually understanding what I say!

In addition, Drew has learned what "clean up" means. I guess my inherent trait to always have everything picked up around the house is actually paying off. I sing the "clean up" song at least ten times a day. It is so fun now to sing it with Drew. He will, in a sing-song voice, say "eeeen uhhh" and pick up a toy and then walk it over and put it in the toy box. I don't think he understands that he is supposed to leave the toy in there, because he picks it back up and begins to play again. We'll work on having him leave his toy behind.

Drew has also added a couple of new words. He can now say, "Duke", the name of my sisters dog. And probably the cutest is "Mickey" when he sees Mickey Mouse on the television. He loves Mickey! He can even do the "Hot Diggety Dog" dance. Maybe we'll need to plan a trip to Disney World sooner than expected?

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