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Grandma's Toy Box

Posted Jul 20 2012 1:38pm

Sometimes it takes me awhile to pick up after the grandkids leave. I think I like the feeling of them being here for awhile after they have left. Since the vacuuming needed to be done, I finally got around to picking up the few toys that were left out. Tossing them into the toy bin, I heard the electronic banjo chime a tune. These toys shut off automatically, so I just walked away to another chore. 
In the next room I was sorting through linens when I heard the banjo playing notes again. It has been a few years since the first time my toy box for the grandkids made noise, but I do remember that first time! We have a goofy looking rolling toy that giggles. For some reason that toy started giggling while it was just sitting in the toy box. I was sitting in my favorite chair folding clothes late in the evening when this happened. Scared the dickens out of me! I was so shook, it didn’t take me long to dig to the bottom of the toy box and pull that thing out. I had to make sure that was the culprit of that eery laughing sound. When the banjo went off again, I was pretty calm, having been through this before.
I continued to pick up around the room when the banjo went off again. Okay, I thought, this one needs to be turned off. I went over to the toy bin, pulled out the banjo and slid the switch to off. Thank goodness it has an off switch. While I was doing that, I heard Mickey Mouse announce himself. Oh boy! When pulling out the banjo, I had activated the Mickey Mouse guitar. Okay, I decided to shut that one off too - only it doesn’t have an off switch. I have to trust it.  Believe it or not - while writing this, the toys in the toy box actually shifted. The noise practically made me jump out of my chair! I’m beginning to wonder what the toys do when I’m not here. Grandma’s toy box - a different Toy Story.
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